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SHaKERZ (Set of 3)

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Grover Pro Percussion is shaking up the music world once again! Our innovative line of modular SHaKERZ™ provides an exciting range of new and traditional sounds with unprecedented performance versatility.  Whether in the studio or out on the road, SHaKERZ™ are a vital addition for any percussionist’s sonic arsenal.

SHaKERZ™ come in three models:

  • SMOOTH is ideal for a gentle, sultry samba or the relaxed sound of New Age.  (Green)
  • GROOVE adds a light punch to sophisticated jazz, pop, country or World music.  (Orange)
  • ACCENT cuts through and complement today’s more aggressive contemporary sounds.  (Blue)

Now here's the fun part - With a quick twist, connect two or more SHaKERZ™  to easily create a sound that is uniquely you!  The possibilities are endless…

SHaKERZ™ are only from Grover Pro Percussion.  Helping you to sound your best.