Top orchestral percussionists the world over consider Grover tambourines to be the "Stradivarius" of concert tambourines. Found in the world's finest concert halls, Grover tambourines have been resounding with crystal-clear clarity and full, rich timbres for over 30 years! Each and every Grover tambourine is thoughtfully designed to produce sound colors of the highest musical integrity. Meticulous craftsmen painstakingly handcraft each tambourine one at a time. Every one of our tambourines begins life in the skilled hands of one artisan and ends up in hand of the world's most demanding percussionists.

  • Projection-Plus™ - The professional standard for over 30 years
  • Custom Dry™ - Dark and articulate
  • Hybrid™ - Sonorous with clear articulation
  • X-Series™ - Synthetic head models
  • Bantamweight™ Series - Synthetic head models with thinner shell depth
  • Studio Pro™ - Professional headless tambourine
  • Sound Values™ - Value-priced with professional features

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