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Stadium Bright Snare Wires

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***Contact us about ordering custom snare sizes. Pricing and production times vary.***

Heavy gauge - strong attack, bright, fat, made for drums 6″ or deeper.

All Grover snare wire is constructed to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of today’s drummer-percussionists. Each strand is individually tensioned prior to being secured onto a brass end piece. These responsive snares require fewer strands than conventional spiral snares, which reduces dampening of the bottom head and results in greatly improved snare sensitivity.

While most other drum manufacturers focus on features that have negligible impact on sound quality, at Grover Pro we believe that the snare wires are the most critical part of any snare drum. It stands to reason that it is the interaction between the wires and the bottom head that accounts for the majority of a snare drum’s sound. That’s why we personally handcraft each snare unit in our factory outside of Boston.

Grover Pro Non-Spiral Snare (NSS) wires were created to provide drummers with an increase in snare projection, sensitivity, and “fatness” of sound. Unlike ordinary spiral snares (which only contact the bottom head at the apex of the wire), our NSS wires make continuous contact across the bottom head over the entire length of the wire. This means that our snares have a contact area many times greater than any other wire snares! Increased contact with the bottom head translates to maximized attack and projection across a fuller spectrum of sonorities.

Since we manufacture each unit by hand, our Non-Spiral Snares are available in a wide range of sizes. Our snares come in both standard length and extended length models. The extended models are specifically manufactured for drums that allow snares extending beyond the edge of the shell. The letter “E” in the model number identifies our extended range models.

It is important to note that our snares require a well-defined snare bed (most drums have this), and that they require less tension than ordinary wire snares. You will know if you are over-tensioning our snares when they start to sound choked and less resonant. If you do over-tension, just slightly back off the fine-tuning knob on the snare strainer and the issue will correct itself. Use your ears—you will hear when the snares are correctly tensioned.