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"Attaining excellent musicianship is a never-ending work in progress and GroverPro Percussion has helped our students achieve it through controlled, beautiful sounds. Our go-to Grover equipment includes tambourines, triangles, and the deluxe set of alloy triangle beaters. Thanks for helping the world sound great!"

Timothy Loest, Band Director, Itasca, Illinois

"Grover products give me the color, clarity and subtlety that I require. The sound I imagine is made possible with Grover."

Jeremy Branson, Pittsburgh Symphony

"I have always preferred the sound of Grover tambourines and have performed with them for the past 20 years—the comfort, quality, and colors are unparalleled. As a working professional I appreciate the care and detail shown by the Grover Pro Percussion craftsmen, shaping products I can utilize in a variety of musical settings from symphony orchestra to show, from chamber music to solo recitals. And as a professor, I am proud to recommend this line of products to the next generation of professionals."

Phillip O’Banion, Temple University, Philadelphia Orchestra

"I can always count on Grover Pro Percussion instruments to deliver the best sound at the proper time. From solo timpani to the percussion section, Grover’s artfully crafted instruments and mallets allow me to fully realize my sound concepts for any occasion."

Bill Shaltis, University of Memphis