Bronze Hammered Lite™ Triangles

Bronze Hammered Lite™ Triangles

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Distilling the expertise gained through decades of triangle making, we've created the Bronze Hammered Lite Triangles to produce a lighter spectrum of audible overtones.

The tonal properties can best be described as resonant with a wide array of audible harmonics. Each BHL triangle is lightly hand-hammered in a randomized pattern. These instruments produce a lighter signature sound than our Bronze Pro Hammered series, yet they retain the distinctive and complex harmonic spectrum for which our hammered triangles are renowned.

Ideal for professionals and percussionists who desire a triangle with a rich overtone spectrum in a lighter sound profile.

Grover Pro Advantages
  • Balanced ratio of overtones to fundamental
  • Ultra-sensitive response
  • Available in six sizes
  • A case is included with all Grover Pro triangles