G2 KeeGee™ Piccolo Snare Drum
G2 KeeGee™ Piccolo Snare Drum
G2 KeeGee™ Piccolo Snare Drum
G2 KeeGee™ Piccolo Snare Drum
G2 KeeGee™ Piccolo Snare Drum

G2 KeeGee™ Piccolo Snare Drum

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The Grover Pro KeeGee™ Piccolo Snare Drum was originally designed at the request of St. Louis Principal Percussionist Will James. While offering a standard 14" diameter playing surface, its slim 3" depth provides the ultimate snare sensitivity and clarity.

The "KeeGee" moniker is taken from the orchestral percussion excerpt from "Lt. Kijé Suite" by Prokofiev. As top percussionists know, this difficult passage must be played softly and with clarity. While conceived with soft playing in mind, our KeeGee drum has a cutting "bite" that surprisingly defies its slim size!

The drum has since been updated with our new G2 Snare Technology, which is a departure from the traditional concept of snare functionality. By questioning everything believed to be true about snare response, we unearthed a shocking truth:

Just because you play at the edge of the top (batter) head, it does NOT mean that the bottom (snare) head will vibrate at the edge. The fact is that the sound produced by snares comes from the center of the bottom head.

Think of it this way, you would not jump at the edge of a trampoline. That’s because most of the movement and energy comes from the center of the trampoline’s surface. So, while playing softly at the edge of the top head makes sense, it does not mean that the bottom head is vibrating at the edge directly below!

Here is a more scientific explanation provided by acoustics expert and inventor Calvin Rose:
So, let’s talk about why Grover Pro’s snares perform better and give you more control.
  1. They lay FLAT across the head, providing significantly more surface contact, resulting in greater snare clarity.
  2. The largest displacement of the drumhead's fundamental vibration is at the CENTER of the drumhead.
The Grover Pro G2 model features additional snares at the center section of the bottom head. These snares are highly sensitive to even the softest stroke. While you may play softly at the edge of the top head, it is the CENTER of the bottom snare wires that respond the greatest. It’s that simple.
In addition to an array of coated/uncoated cables that run the full length of the diameter, all G2 Series drums feature a second shorter set of our hand-made Performance Silver wires. It is these shorter wires that provide the superior snare response at the softest dynamics, (even when you play at the extreme edge of the top head). The longer cable array gives G2 Series drums crystal clear clarity from mf all the way to ffff! By working together this combination provides terrific projection and focus throughout a broad dynamic spectrum.

This piccolo drum will serve as a valued addition to any snare drum collection and is a MUST for those taking orchestral auditions!

Features include:
  • 14" x 3" 10-ply cross-laminated maple shell
  • Grover Contempo™ tube lugs
  • Black coated cable / uncoated cable combo extended snares, Club Bright wires
  • Grover Piccolo throw-off
  • Triple-flange hoops
  • High-gloss finish