G3T™ Will James Signature Snare Drum
G3T™ Will James Signature Snare Drum
G3T™ Will James Signature Snare Drum
G3T™ Will James Signature Snare Drum
G3T™ Will James Signature Snare Drum

G3T™ Will James Signature Snare Drum

Grover Pro Percussion
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Whether you're an aspiring professional on the audition circuit or a seasoned pro still searching for that perfect drum, the Will James Signature Snare Drum will help you sound your absolute best!

St. Louis Principal Percussionist Will James challenged us to create a snare drum responsive enough to win an orchestral audition, yet powerful enough to rhythmically drive a full symphony orchestra! The result of our collaboration is the Will James Signature Snare Drum.

Will James "Grover Pro has been the leader in custom drum building for many years, so when I had some ideas for a custom 4-inch drum, they were clearly my first choice. Grover Pro incorporated their new ITaP technology and I was blown away with the versatility of the drum. I couldn't be happier with the result!" —Will James, Principal Percussionist, St. Louis Symphony

The impressive performance profile of the 4x14" Will James Signature Snare Drum surprisingly exceeds its size. Incredibly sensitive yet percussively powerful, this is one drum that possesses a range of musical expression far beyond the expectation of a single drum.


  • Master Tension Adjustment
  • 3 Dedicated Snare Balancing Adjustments
  • Independent Snare Pressure Adjustment (ITaP)
  • Coated cable, uncoated cable, and wire snares
  • Stylish Contempo™ tube lugs
  • Die-cast rims
  • CNC machined 10-ply, cross-laminated maple shell
  • 45° single-face bearing edges
  • High-Gloss Sparkle Fade Finish
  • Our exclusive Rim Guard™ provides you with added security when playing quiet passages close to the rim. The soft rubber guard can be removed and used on other drums as well.
  • Evans orchestral heads

Our proprietary ITaP™ technology. It's like 3D for your ears.

Our revolutionary "Independent Tension and Pressure" (ITaP) technology is built around an independent snare depth control. Our ITaP system allows you to easily adjust the distance of the snare cables from the snare head. This means that the snare pressure (or sound quality) can be adjusted independent of the snare tension (or sensitivity). The ITaP system provides you—for the first time—complete control of your sound to optimize every performance.