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SX Plus™ Brass Tambourine

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Our SX™ Tambourines are general-purpose concert instruments specifically designed for those looking for a value-priced, quality concert tambourine. Fabricated from wood fiber, the Acousticon™ shell is formed under heat and pressure creating a strong, durable frame. Pre-tensioned heads made from durable Fiberskyn™ material are chosen for their strength and tension stability.

Features include:

  • Professional alloy German Silver and/or Brass jingles
  • Durable Acousticon shell
  • Weatherproof Fiberskyn Synthetic Head
  • Hand-hammered jingles (SX Plus model only)
  • Wood grain shell finish (SX Plus model only)
  • Cordura bag and Roll Ring included
  • Made in the USA

SX Standard Models

  • SX-BR features brass jingles that produce clear mid-range sonorities. A very popular model, this instrument is suitable for all genres of music.
  • SX-GS is a brighter sounding model that both projects and articulates. Perfect for those who desire a value-priced instrument that has brilliant sound profile.
  • SX-SB combines the qualities of both our silver and brass jingles. It produces a clear sound that is both resonant and articulate. A great choice for schools needing a single "do-all" instrument.

SX Plus Model

  • SXP-BR features 16 hand-hammered brass jingles that add both a professional flair and focus to the sound. The beautiful wood grained shell is both strong and striking in appearance. While the sound produced is pro-level, the price point of this model should make it very attractive for schools and students on a budget.


Acousticon™ and Fiberskyn™ are trademarks of Remo Inc.