ChromaTone II™ Timpani Mallets - Lite Staccato
ChromaTone II™ Timpani Mallets - Lite Staccato

ChromaTone II™ Timpani Mallets - Lite Staccato

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Core: Cork
Weight: 33g
Profile: Lite Staccato

Constructed to the highest professional standards, our redesigned ChromaTone II Timpani Mallets cost significantly less than many hand-made timpani professional mallets!

Features include:

  • Solid wood or cork core – true, pitch focused sound
  • Seamlessly sewn felt – beautiful tone
  • High quality bamboo shaft – strong & lightweight
  • Rubber sleeve – positive grip
  • Color coded head – quick model identification

The sound of our ChromaTone II mallets can best be described as having great clarity with a focused pitch center. The mating of the seamless heads to lightweight bamboo handles provides the ability to produce a round sonority with greater fundamental purity. A round timpani mallet also allows for the player to change the angle of the mallet without affecting the sound.


The bamboo handles of our ChromaTone II mallets are as feature-rich as the felt mallet heads. A smooth sleeve ensures a secure hold and more comfort than typical bamboo mallets. Our bamboo is hand-selected for consistency in density and straightness, with each handle measuring 14 inches long with a 0.5-inch diameter. Ein addition, every pair is also carefully weight- and color-matched.

Stand out from the crowd with our Chromatone II Timpani Mallets!

Wood core models - medium feel & sound profile

TMB-C10                 Staccato       Topaz Orange       

TMB-C11                 General        Emerald Green

TMB-C12                 Legato          Sapphire Blue

Cork core models lighter feel & sound profile

TMB-C13                 Lite Staccato           Ruby Red

TMB-C14                 Lite General            Citrine Yellow       

TMB-C15                 Lite Legato              Amethyst Purple


Recovering kits are available for all Chromatone II models. Kit includes two hand sewn patties and instructions. (No sewing required).

RK10 fits TMB-C10
RK11 fits TMB-C11
RK12 fits TMB-C12
RK13 fits TMB-C13
RK14 fits TMB-C14
RK15 fits TMB-C15