GCX™ Concert Snare Drum
GCX™ Concert Snare Drum
GCX™ Concert Snare Drum
GCX™ Concert Snare Drum
GCX™ Concert Snare Drum
GCX™ Concert Snare Drum

GCX™ Concert Snare Drum

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Every GCX Snare is Made to Order

The new GCX™ Concert Snare Drum has been thoughtfully engineered to possess both a sound and functionality that sets it apart from all other concert drums! Designed specifically for percussionists who are still perfecting their craft, this drum is the simplest, most forgiving concert snare drum available…

The overriding philosophy behind the design of the GCX model is that less is more…meaning that the fewer adjustments required – the better. Grover Pro founder Neil Grover says it best, Percussion students have enough to worry about when they perform, they should not have to be concerned with adjusting complicated “multi-sonic” snare systems”. The GCX concert snare drum is not only simple to play but it resounds with refined crystal-clear clarity and super-sensitivity that aids in the execution of the softest dynamic passages.

While the GCX has only one tension knob adjustment, the drum actually features professional caliber multi-tonal CX snares that are pretensioned at the factory and that never need balancing, EVER!  In addition, our innovative “RADIAL” bearing edge provides more contact between the batter head and shell, helping to bring sonic clarity in the softer dynamic range.

The GCX is the ONLY snare drum that features a “2-Tone” MAGNETIC muffler! Place the muffler on the top head and thanks to internal rare earth magnets the muffler instantly locks into the optimal position. What’s more is that the muffler provides two distinct dampening surfaces which result in different degrees of muffling. Whether you like it extra dry, or, with a splash of resonance… you’ll be the toast of the town!

Additional features include:

  • 10-ply cross laminated all maple shell
  • Distinctive single point “bow tie” lugs
  • ADV nodal venting
  • Simple single lever throw-off
  • Free heavy duty case

Finally, you can now afford a concert snare drum that provides a professional sound without the complexity, or price-tag, of expensive multi-sonic drums!


• GCX-S5 (5” x 14) Concert SD

• GCX-S6 (6.5” x 14) Symphonic SD

Both available in Ebony and Natural gloss finishes.