Grover Pro Miller Machine
Grover Pro Miller Machine

Grover Pro Miller Machine

Grover Pro Percussion
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Teaming up with innovator Billy Miller, we have created the ultimate triangle triggering device! Our machine accommodates triangles up to 10" in size and comes with a Grover Pro Brass Tubular beater. The fully adjustable machine allows multi-percussionists to play a triangle with their hands or mallets. The angle of the beater can be set at either 90° (for a focused sound) or at 135° (for creating a spread of overtones).

As a bonus, the extra-long triangle suspension arm is machined to attach to our Dual Triangle Mount. This affords you the flexibility of mounting the triangle with either single- or dual-point suspension. Suspending from two points ensures that the triangle remains perfectly steady, even when playing very fast repetitive notes!

Add our Multi-Stand Adapter to use your Miller Machine in all standard 5/8″ and 3/4″ stands!