X-Series™ German Silver Tambourine
X-Series™ German Silver Tambourine

X-Series™ German Silver Tambourine

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"Created for players who live in humid climates, the head of this tambourine remains stable in all playing conditions. X-Series models are synthetic-headed versions of three popular Projection-Plus models. Natural skin is replaced by Remo Renaissance® synthetic material, which is unaffected by changes in humidity or temperature. This means your Grover tambourine will function optimally whether you’re playing in Carnegie Hall or outside on a rainy day!

Our most popular alloy, German Silver resounds with a clear articulation that is bright, sensitive, and powerful. This versatile alloy is the choice of many classical players looking for a focused sparkle that’s not too heavy in sound. The most popular choice for a first tambourine or for all-around playing requirements. A padded case and Roll Ring™ are included with all Grover Pro headed tambourines!